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Help for kids? Maybe. Guns in church? No.



Stephens Media reporter Doug Thompson says the Senate bill to provide in-state tuition for Arkansas high school graduates (in other words, including undocumented children) has cleared committee, 5-3. Just a courtesy to its senatorial sponsor? Or does it offer hope that the Arkansas legislature is capable of a higher purpose than self-interest? We'll know in a few days.

ELSEWHERE: Fox 16's David Goins says the amended guns-in-church bill failed in committee on a 4-4 vote.

AND ALSO: Rep. Duncan Baird Twitters that three constitutional amendments -- to increase interest limits for municipal bonds, to increase interest rates for other loans and to make it easier to issue general obligation bonds for corporate welfare subsidies -- won approval in a House committee today. Speaker Wills' amendment to allow the state to invest in private companies failed on an 8-11 roll call, he said.

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