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Told you so


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Not a single nay cast in the House, final passage, against the bingo tax cut.

There's no question if a "charity" bingo scandal will occur. The only question is when. There is no public disclosure on these games, slight regulation and nothing that passes for careful accountability of whether these games are operated by volunteer labor purely for legitimate charities.

I'll eat a sauteed bingo card if this bill puts $700,000 into  real community charity, as sponsor Rep. Tracy Pennartz claims. On $11 million in gambling wagers in a partial audit  last year, the state could find less than $300,000 in pure external charitable contributions. I'm guessing that the tax cut is more likely to further support the overhead that is already draining so much bingo income. Any "charity" that would like to open its books to prove otherwise is welcome to drop by.

The unanimous House also cast not a dissenting vote against the manufacturers electricity sales tax cut.


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