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President Obama will make an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.  This marks the first time that a sitting president will be a featured guest on a late-night talk show.  The question that comes to mind is, why Leno?  Feel free to disagree, but Letterman is funnier.  Politically, though, Leno is the obvious choice.  He's kitschier than Letterman and has a bigger audience.  Paul Begala, a former Clinton advisor, says it's a good move because a lot of people that watch Leno don't watch CNN.  Good point.  It'll just be weird to see the president trading anecdotes with Jay and making jokes with Kevin Eubanks.  It's a good way for Obama to connect with the public (the new fire-side chat?), however, critics will say the prez should be focused on more serious matters.  It's also likely that this will just reinforce the old Obama "celebrity" meme conservatives tried to push during the last election.  What do you think?  Good move or bad move?  Letterman or Leno? 

UPDATE (Max adding to Gerard's original post): Stephens blogger Zach Stovall isn't so sure about Showbiz President. And never mind Leno. A Republican stalwart thinks Obama has better things to do than go on ESPN and fill out his NCAA brackets. Man, it's all showbiz. Leno. Brackets. Brush cutting on faux Texas ranches. Keep the peace, work on the country's problems and I'll cut the president some slack on the PR.

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