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It's about time for the legislature to begin choosing constitutional amendments. A lock, apparently, is the proposal endorsed by Ayatollah Beebe to allow the state to put taxpayer money into private companies. Everybody else does it, Speaker Robbie Wills notes. That's good enough for me. Isn't it for you?

For another day, long after the fact: Do the other states allow self-interested players to oversee such development, as Wills proposes to do? Is their involvement fully transparent, or will it be hidden behind this state's long-cherished shield of anything pertaining to competitive endeavors? Is there full accountability on investments and returns?

I'm guessing the amendment to adjust interest limits yet again is a must, on account of current disabling restrictions on the municipal bond market.

After that, what's the third amendment to go to the ballot? A lot of devilment to choose from.

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