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So much for newspapers UPDATE



Pew Survey says: An uncomfortably large number of people indicate they wouldn't be much bothered if their city no longer had a local newspaper. Age gap, as usual, is the really troubling stat. 55 percent of 65 and over crowd would miss local paper "a lot." Only 23 percent of 18-39 age group feels that way.

Get me my cane, honey. I'm going out to wack some teenagers.

UPDATE: How bad you want that home delivered newspaper. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette recently sent letters to 12,000 daily subscribers outside the metro areas of Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas announcing a rate increase effective April 1 to $17 a month, which circulation director Larry Graham said was near the cost of "newsprint, ink, transportation cost and the income for your carrier." Graham's letter noted that other newspapers had restricted circulation close to their headquarters, such as those in Des Moines, Memphis and Oklahoma City.

"We regret the necessity of this, but hope you find the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the home delivery valuable enough that we can continue to provide you with our paper and this service," said Graham's letter.

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