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A committee yesterday approved a bill, by Rep. Linda Tyler, to require violators of protective orders in domestic violence cases to wear electronic tracking devices. Defense lawyers objected to the lack of flexibility in the law.

It became clear that vendors of such devices are a driving force behind the legislation. Get this toe in the door and you can see a day when devices will be slapped on people in all manner of cases, with immense profit potential for the security firms. But that's for another day. Suffice it to say that some in this industry are slimeballs.

Example: Secure Alert, a Utah company. It's multi-page presentation on its tracking system used a photo of Bill Clinton on the sample page to demonstrate how the company keeps tabs on suspects. Further surveillance pages used photos of Clinton's Ford Mustang, the Governor's Mansion and Clinton in the Oval Office. Hah hah. Think Republicans might own this company?

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