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Gay bashing UPDATE



OK. Jason Tolbert encourages me to link his post that says last-minute bill filings include a going-nowhere piece of gay bashing legislation intended to kill the economic stimulus that has come from Eureka Springs being a welcoming place to gay people. (How did King get elected up there, anyway?)

Rep.King's meaningless bill to prohibit the meaningless civic approval of gay partnerships in Eureka Springs won't go anywhere. But it will, at least, give Robbie Wills reason to remember his political support of this demagogue in the last election season.

SPEAKING OF SLIMY LAST-MINUTE POLITICKING: Now comes my senator and others to double the amount of swill legislators can claim for their personal use from campaign overages. Jesus. Shame on you all.

UPDATE: House Speaker Wills gives a lengthy and definitive case for voting against Rep. King's homophobic measure.

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