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Southwestern Electric Power Company has filed a motion to dismiss the case being brought against them by the Hempstead County Hunting Club.  The hunting club wants to stop the proposed coal-fired power plant being built near Texarkana.  The case was originally set for March 12, but will now be postponed pending the ruling on the motion to dismiss.  According to Glen Hooks at the Sierra Club, this is standard operating procedure. 

"They will try everything, as will the folks who want to stop the plant. It's a multi-forum battle and I expect it go well into 2010," Hooks said. 

"If the results from other states are any indication, we will win in the end. Just yesterday, plants were canceled in IA and NV. That's now 95 proposed plants canceled in the last 3 years. States across the nation are realizing that coal-fired power plants are too dirty and too expensive.

Arkansas needs to hop off this coal train now, or we will be one of the shrinking minority of states hanging on when dirty coal finally jumps the tracks." 

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