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Bang-up job UPDATE



KUAR's Kelly MacNeil filed this report on yesterday's legislative committee hearing on HB1623, which would keep private the identities of concealed carry permit holders in Arkansas.  For discussion on yesterday's happenings, click hereTimes publisher Alan Leveritt was the only person to speak against the bill yesterday.  State representatives said posting a link to public information was "deplorable."  Be sure to listen to the story for Leveritt's comments.  

John Williams has an extended analysis of the hearing here.   

The argument that Times publisher Alan Leveritt made to the committee today was dismissed as “a great piece of theater” by the concealed-carry representative who followed him. Personally I believe it was given out of genuine anger. In any case, it carried more reason that anything the opposite side had to offer. If an ex-lover is being stalked, Leveritt said, it’s probably in her interest to know whether her stalker is carrying a weapon. If a convicted felon is carrying, the public should know that.

UPDATE: An observant reader points out this bill came up for a House vote this morning, as expected.  The vote?  Rep. Lindsley Smith was, again, the only "no" vote with 98 votes for the bill.  It now goes to the Senate. 

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