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Sen. Blanche Lincoln dropped Max a note today (what? you got one too?) asking for his advice on how to fix America's health care access problems.

Easy: Follow the lead of every other industrialized nation in the world. Single payer.

And don't say it would take forever to get to see a doctor. a) you can have private if you want under single payer plans and b) have you tried to get an appointment lately?

Letter on the jump.

Dear Max,
Of all the challenges confronting our great country today, none may be more important than overhauling our health care system.
More than 400,000 Arkansans are among the 45 million Americans who live precariously without health insurance today. I am working from my position on the Senate Finance Committee to make health care for the uninsured a national priority.
However, I know that Washington doesn't have an exclusive claim on good ideas. In fact, most good ideas come from people just like you. I want to know what kinds of reforms would make a real difference in your family's life.
That's why I'm reaching out to you today. Every American deserves access to quality and affordable health care. Now, I want to hear your suggestions about how we get there.
Click here to send in your ideas and suggestions.
Throughout the health care debate, I have heard from many Arkansans. Your experiences have helped me conclude that any health care plan must include:
guaranteed coverage for people with pre-existing conditions;
continued coverage for people who are between jobs;
insurance rates that remain affordable for people who are insured;
Medicaid eligibility for every uninsured American living in poverty.
Your ideas about how to achieve health care for every American could help me forge a bipartisan agreement this year. I will work with whoever it takes.
In the last Congress, we came very close to passing my bill, the Small Employers Health Benefits Program Act, which offers affordable private health insurance choices for small businesses and the self-employed. My plan would address the majority of uninsured Arkansans because they work for small companies that can't afford to provide insurance for themselves or their employees.
That's one idea. Now, let me hear yours.
Click here to send in your ideas and suggestions.
The United States currently ranks last among 19 industrialized countries when it comes to deaths that could have been prevented by access to timely and effective health care. You can help change that.

Blanche Lincoln

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