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Grade inflation


House Speaker Robbie Wills elaborates on why he -- and Gov. Mike Beebe -- think a grade inflation factor needs to be considered in standards for lottery scholarships. There's concern, based on the Georgia experience, that teachers will fudge grades so students may qualify for scholarships. I still am concerned that students will be innocent victims of being products of schools without adequate accountability standards. Where grade inflation exists today -- and it does -- it's not on account of a lottery. An ACT score bypass isn't a wholly acceptable alternative. The racial gap on the test is problematic, for one thing. For another, in our Arkansas Times Academic All-Star contest I have seen more than one small high school valedictorian with an ACT below 19. Should a straight-A student be denied a scholarship for not only meeting but exceeding the standards put before the student in the school they attend? How about a higher gradepoint standard for schools with grade inflation.

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