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Huck: Fox's attack dog



Mike Huckabee fed the C-PAC convention today some liberal media-bashing raw meat, referring to MSNBC as MSBS. Back to the barnyard for Huck.

And here's more on it: More barnyard, more socialism, even a knock on John McCain.

The somber mood of the conference perked up a bit when Mike Huckabee took the stage this afternoon, spraying verbal fire at Obama and the Democrats, but also at his former rival McCain. The Arkansas governor said that when McCain suspended his campaign last September and flew back to Washington to deal with the financial crisis, he "meekly" joined Obama and voted for the $700 billion bank bailout.

He noted the wasteful spending of congressional Republicans when they had power, and the botched response to Katrina by the Bush Administration.

"You know what kind of conservatives we need to be first and foremost? Competent conservatives," he said.

He said the free market should be permitted to engage in creative destruction to restore the economy to equilibrium. What's happening instead, he said, is the establishment of "socialist republics" in the United States.

"Lenin and Stalin would love this stuff," Huckabee declared.

He said the stimulus package should be called the Congressional Recovery Action Plan, because it smells like its acronym.

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