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The Repubs do beat all. Take David Sanders, please. He thinks raising the minimum for participation in the ARKids health insurance program to $55,000 for a family of four is creating a new "health care entitlement" for, get this, "middle class and upper middle class families."

I'm for a universal government-overseen health care program. Single-payer has always had the most appeal, but no matter the form. I'm happy Arkansas is moving toward more coverage of more people.

What's lost in the ongoing Republican war on working poor is the notion that they are being provided a subsidy not available to the overburdened millionaires whose cause the GOP eternally champions. That company contribution to the cost of your health care? Untaxed. Your own payment for a group health insurance plan at work?  Generally taken out before taxes, providing a handsome government subsidy on the cost, in addition to deductibility for it and medical expenses if you itemize. Never mind that the high income generally can afford health care costs in the first place and are lucky enough to be in jobs where group health and subsidies for same are provided.

ARKids expansion? Good for Gov. Mike Beebe, who knows something about bootstrapping.

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