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Quote of the day comes from NLR City Attorney Jason Carter, in a motion to dismiss the North Little Rock School Board's slam-dunk lawsuit over multiple deficencies in the city's attempt to create a tax increment finance district to provide subsidies to a hotel developer.

"Since the school district was unable to defeat the redevelopment ordinance through political persuasion, they now ask this court to find some technical flaw that will give them relief."

"Technicalities" -- statutory notice provisions; lawfully required economic studies; a district design gerrymandered beyond scope of the law;  unconstitutional capture of money voted for school taxes, not hotels; definining a $30 million apartment project as blighted land -- are otherwise known to the layman as violations of "the law." Only in Maximum Leader Pat Hays' North Little Rock may the "political process" trump such "technicalities."

Commodore Hay's pigheadishness is apparently catching.

UPDATE: This response was nuttier than I thought. The North Little Rock Times' account of the filing says Carter argued that it was "unjust" for the School District to attempt to stop the loss of tax money because the city had provided the School District with financial support. That's plainly irrelevant to the statutory and constitutional issues raised by the lawsuit. Also, you could characterize it as extortion. Carter and the mayor intimate that they will jerk police security officers from the schools if they don't get their way. "It's your money or your kids' safety," the thugs command. Maybe I prefer a weak mayor to this.


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