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Pounding the immigrants UPDATE



Republican Rep. Bill Sample is still working to grind down immigrants. Today, he introduced a bill to limit the validity of identification cards, such as driver licenses, given to legal aliens. It'll make their lives a little harder, make them a little more nervous when legitimate circumstances cause delay of a visa extension and thus the end of a valid license tied to a visa date.

Emma Lazarus is most assuredly dead. Screw those who come here yearning to breathe free, even if they came legally.

Meanwhile, word is that Sample's Oklahoma-style immigrant punishment bill might get its day in committee next week. The Secure Arkansas crowd is hungry to demonstrate some indignation. Opponents are hopeful the bill can be defeated and that Sample's ID bill is a way to claim at least a small victory in the war on immigrants. We'll just have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Sample tells Stephens Media that the ID bill is one of several of a series of immigrant bashing bills he plans, apparently to replace the broader bill, which was headed to defeat.

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