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Confusion: Yes or no



Nothing is simple at the Arkansas legislature. Rep. Kathy Webb has a bill, HB 1404, to simplify the ballot when multiple issues appear. Instead of being faced with Referred Act One, Initiated Act One and Constitutional Amendment One (and the confusing advertising that would attend them), the ballot would be numbered sequentially -- Issue One, Issue Two, Issue Three. Each would be fully and accurately titled, naturally.

Who could be against it? Who else but the Family Council. This opposition only lends further circumstantial evidence to the belief that Act One, their punitive adoption measure (which every pre-election poll indicated was headed for defeat, including polls by Republican pollsters) was helped by voter confusion.

The stupid thing about the Family Council's opposition, though, is that confusion can cut both ways. Are you for making things easier or harder for voters? Seems simple. But no.

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