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A rumor went around that legislative drafters of the lottery law had shared a copy with potential lottery vendors, though they've so far released only the barest outline of what they have in mind to the public.

I asked House Speaker Robbie Wills if this was true.

He said: "They weren't shown "the bill" just some language.  All thought it set up a successful, fair lottery."

Well then, I asked, could I see that "language"? His response:

"You'll see everything they saw tomorrow."

If you had any doubt about the  pecking order when it comes to taxpayers and lottery lobbyists, I think you now have a clear idea of who has top priority.

I mentioned earlier that the bill would have stronger ethics provisions than originally indicated. Here are details.

UPDATE: It's getting prickly. A freshman Republican called on the House floor today for a public session on the lottery bill. Said the Speaker: Motion denied.

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