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The infamous birth of octuplets occasions a New York Times look at TV reality shows that feature big families. Most of the attention goes to "Jon & Kate Plus 8," the highest rated show on cable channel TLC.

But, you betcha, the Duggar brood gets a mention. Not a positive one. After recounting an awkward moment in the TLC show, the article continued:

These moments don’t exactly make for comfortable television, but they do seem real. There is no sense that anybody is behaving well for the cameras. That’s not the case with the channel’s other supersized series, “17 & Counting.” There, Arkansas couple Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who just had their 18th child, come across as religious zealots and a little too good to be true. It is hard to imagine the Duggars talking openly about their strained relationships with their extended families, as the Gosselins have done. It’s even harder to envision Jim Bob Duggar telling his wife, as Mr. Gosselin did, “You yelled at me like I’m a fricking dog.”

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