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So close to Tulsa ...



... so far from God.

A Republican representative from Broken Arrow forced a floor vote this week on a routine motion to include the daily prayer in the official record of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Why? The prayer was delivered by a gay preacher, at the invitation of one of his flock, the state's only declared gay legislator.

The vote to include the prayer in the record was 64-20 with 17 abstentions. Thirty-seven Oklahoma reps wouldn't vote to put a prayer in the record because of the man who uttered it.

Apologies are being sought. I wouldn't hold my breath. "No" voters included Rep. Sally Kern, the Arkansas native, who has said homosexuality is the biggest threat to American society.

What would Jesus do? Would he say God hears only the prayers of straight Republicans?

Don't ask me what the Arkansas legislature would do.


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