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So now we have a stimulus package. In that vein, there's a website where you can look up projects cities have submitted for federal aid.

The NLR Daily News notes some $80 million in "shovel-ready" projects NLR wants to build. The biggest is $10 million for a Highway 167 access road. I presume that would be to serve the sporting goods store in Dark Hollow, should courts clear the project. Here's a link to LR's list of a half-BILLION worth of projects. But they include $465 million for a new airport terminal, which, I suspect, isn't in the cards.

PS -- I should have written at the outset that these are just wish lists and that some of the numbers in them are inaccurate even as to wished-for projects. A trolley barn for CATA is, for example, overstated by a factor of 20 or so.

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