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Opponents didn't even bother to object in debate. The ban on certain late-term abortions -- part of the resume-building effort by Rep. Dawn Creekmore, D-Vast Wasteland, -- passed the House a few moments ago. It accomplishes little or nothing, except producing more potential misery for the tiny handful of people in desperate straits who might need to seek the procedure.

The vote was 84-6. The courageous six: Lindsley Smith, Kathy Webb, Bubba Powers, Gene Shelby, Otis Davis, David Rainey. Ten others voted present or didn't vote, same as a nay if not exactly Martin Lutherish.

UPDATE: Sounds like this was a ramrod deal. Says my state rep., Kathy Webb,

Two opponents of the bill (Gene Shelby and I) were standing at our desks w/microphones in hand to ask questions of Rep. Creekmore.

Creekmore walked away from the podium, refusing to take questions. The bill was called. No questions allowed, not even about the tangled civil liability amendment Creekmore stuck on the bill moments before the committee whooped it out yesterday. The political skills of today's leaders -- Wills, Johnson, Beebe -- are immense, no doubt. But it makes you long for the days when we had a leader who'd show a little backbone now and then against some of the darkest forces on the worst demagoguery, which this bill is. Bill, we hardly knew ye.

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