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What's stimulus?



Brummett continues the argument that the stimulus bill needs to be stripped of some items not clearly stimulus. He's been talking to too many Republicans.

If giving a tax credit to individuals to encourage certain kinds of expenditures is a stimulus, then I'd think giving a tax credit to an industry for production expenses would also be stimulative. Jon Stewart, if I can find a clip, correctly suggested the other night that opposition to the latter (encouraging the film industry) is more of a culture war ploy. But, mostly, the attacks on the perceived fluff in this bill are a diversionary political attack on a tiny percentage of the spending. It's just an effort to beat the whole she-bang. Repubs are still married to trickle-down after eight years of abject failure of same. And they still put politics ahead of the country.

More on stimulus: Krugman decries the "centrist" thinking that has already robbed the legislation of some of its most valuable stimulation. Not enough spending. Too many tax cuts. And precious few Republicans on board in a process where the search for bipartisanship overcame good sense (and the election outcome).

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