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Don't cry for me, journalista

Don't wait for the Interwebs to become your sole source of news. This morning's Associated Press lineup of the top news on the Yahoo News website lists the 10 most important stories in America. According to the AP, the most important story in the world at 10:30 a.m. was the Ozzie wildfires.

Then comes the stimulus charade, and something about the Afghan war.

After that, the seven most important stories on the AP's mind include:

* Alex Rodriguez' imperiling his gonads by shooting up with steroids.
* The Hudson River "miracle pilot" applauded on Broadway.
* Whitney Houston making a triumphant "comback" (sic) at a party.
* Harrick steals win at Bud Shootout in Atlanta [whatever the hell that means].

Pray that Max Brantley never dies, folks.

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