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Bob Lancaster's latest about "tagging" the Pope on Facebook inspired Michael Tilley to point me to his own riff on this Facebook pastime. Tilley runs the City Wire, a Fort Smith news website, and here's his own compilation of 25 random things.

(One random thing about me, not the required 25. I opened a Facebook account, for a reason I can't now recall. My kids hooted at me. Chastened, I never accepted any friends, or whatever you call your posse on Facebook. I can't figure out how to un-Facebook myself.)

Back to Tilley, who opens with a random thought worth repeating:

1. Someone should pass a state law barring the next Arkansas governor from having the “bee” sound as the final syllable in his or her surname. We had 10 years of Huckabee and likely will have eight years of Beebe. Eighteen years of that consonant-vowel pairing is enough.

Also, the coldest beer in Fort Smith is at Logan's Roadhouse. And more.


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