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Ice station Fayetteville UPDATE



From Sunset Street. Courtesy of Archie Schaffer.

How bad is it? UA has cancelled classes through Friday, four days in a row. Almost unprecedented, a correspondent says. (See jump for anecdote.) Susana O'Daniel provides shot of a Range Rover that found ice on Lawson Street less accommodating than the Serengeti. UPDATE: The basketball team will play tonight; free tickets are being offered to students to help fill Walton.


And from Jonah Tebbetts, the tree that Bill Clinton DIDN'T sit in at the fabled war protest 40 years ago. (40 years?) CLARIFICATION: Jonah sent me the photo, but it's by  Charlie Allison for the UA. He is NOT the iconoclastic Jonah, in case anyone wondered.


From a reader:

A Hot Springs friend has a stepdaughter at UA. Her sorority's house mother announced to the girls Wednesday morning that she was shutting down the house immediately and all the girls had to get out. Since almost no place in Fayetteville, including the hotels and motels, has power they were, in effect put out onto the impassably frozen streets.

The Hot Springs man's stepdaughter panicked her mother and stepfather with a cell phone call saying she was out in the cold and didn't know what to do. They checked with the State Police and were told it might take them 12 hours to make it to Fayetteville, so that option was out. A while later the daughter called and said she and another girl had found shelter in a private home near the campus, but the place was without power.

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