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State of emergency


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Gov. Beebe has declared one on account of weather. Not meant as snark, but, really, would state agencies have moved more slowly without the proclamation? Just wondering. Matt?

UPDATE: Matt DeCample, governor's spokesman, responds:

Actually, the declaration removes some procedures usually required for inter-agency operations.  In short, less red tape to allow for quicker disaster response.


LITTLE ROCK – Governor Mike Beebe has declared a state of emergency to speed the response of state agencies to the ice storm continuing to have an impact on Arkansas.  The declaration allows state agencies to more easily coordinate with the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.
                Beebe has also signed an emergency proclamation to assist in the movement of utility trucks to areas affected by the storm.
                In addition, the Inclement Weather Policy for state government in the Little Rock area will remain in effect for Wednesday.  For now, State offices are scheduled to again open two hours late.   The situation will be reassessed in the morning once the full impact of tonight's weather is known.


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