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Still more from internal Little Rock School Board discussions with the administration about budget cutting. I know it puts many (most) to sleep. But I think it provides a fascinating window on the changing dynamics of a difficult issue for the state's largest school district. Plus, it's my blog. So there.

Anyway, today's development is a response by Superintendent Linda Watson to a long list of questions posed by Board member Jody Carreiro.

Here's a link to my original post which includes Carreiro's letter.

Here's Watson's response.

Key point: She's still in favor of preserving administrative jobs, though she contends you can "right-size" those administrative costs by reducing lengths of contracts rather than by eliminating jobs. Hmm.

She also defends conversion of Woodruff Elementary to pre-K; elimination of teacher incentive plans at two schools, and end of block scheduling in middle schools.

UPDATE: Here's Supt. Watson's final budget cut recommendation. It includes some accounting to reflect what she says is a more accurate assessment of the percentage the district spends on administration.




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