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I didn't think anybody could outdo the prolific Steve Harrelson and his Under the Dome for legislative blogging, but I believe House Speaker Robbie Willis is coming out of the gate fast. And he's Twittering.

Tidbits today include an explanation for his moving the animal cruelty bill from the Agri to Judiciary Committee (a go-to committee for the speaker, headed by Harrelson). Yesterday, he explained at some length his support for Lindsley Smith's bill calling for recognition of Thomas Paine. It passed the House today 66-21. The House was the stumbling block last time around.

Another legislative item worth watching: Shell bills introduced today by Sen. Steve Faris pertaining to "efficiency," deferred retirement option, the multiplier formula and increased benefits of the Public Employees Retirement System. This covers legislators, among many others. Faris also introduced bills pertaining to teacher retirement and to merge the State Police retirement system with that of PERS. 

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