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The inauguration was wonderful, but I wanted to know a lot more about the details -- what Bush did in his final hours and what Obama has done to begin rectifying the reign of error.

A suspension of Guantanamo proceedings for one thing.

There's the effort to halt last-minute Bush regulations.

It appears the commutation of the sentences of the Border Patrol agents who tried to cover up their shooting of an unarmed man was Bush's last exercise of his executive clemency power. Lewis Libby remains a felon. Also Ted Stevens. Etc.

Here's more on Obama's first full day at work. It mentions that the Bush rule to allow guns in national parks may be among those under review.

By the way: Remember when Bill Clinton was roundly criticized for having a rally with supporters on his final day in office? "Why won't he get off the stage, already?" was the frequent cry. I've heard no such complaints about Bush's homecoming rallies on departure and in Midland, Texas. (True, they didn't get much coverage.) Coverage notes that the newspaper in Midland devoted three-quarters of Tuesday's Page One to Bush's return, one story to Obama's coming inauguration. Today's coverage was effusive. Lee  Greenwood, the Gatlin Brothers and Ricky Atkins serenaded.

SOCIETY PAGE: Rep. Steve Harrelson caught some good photos of Obamas and Bidens at the last inaugural ball of the night. I"ve borrowed one below to encourage you to check the others:


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