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A moment of reflection



Rick Warren was all about Jesus yesterday. Natural for him, though likely unsettling to the many of different faith listening, the linked commentator notes.

But take a look at this: Has Obama's influence begun transforming Rick Warren? Moreover, can we trust the writing of Sally Quinn on the topic? I hope the answer is a two-fold yes and that I owe regret for misjudgment. Her conclusion on the inclusion of Warren:

And Obama's move is already yielding results: Warren has taken down the anti-gay material from his Web site and has essentially come out in favor of civil unions. Obama has pledged to rescind the unpopular "don't ask, don't tell" rule imposed on gays in the military. Bishop Robinson, who told me that Warren's view of "people like me and my relationships is pretty horrific," nonetheless was invited to give the invocation at Sunday's concert at the Lincoln Memorial and has asked to meet with Warren. He acknowledged that Obama had included "all voices" in the inauguration and added, "No one had a bigger tent than Jesus."

In the end, it seems that Obama's choice was brilliant -- good for gays, good for the country and good for him. Who knows? Perhaps in a few years, Pastor Rick Warren will have another epiphany . . . and may eventually be officiating at same-sex wedding ceremonies.

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