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The essence of Arkansas



That somewhat unflattering picture presented in the Washington Post feature about folks in Brinkley and their attitudes toward the country's first black president? (Photos such as this one added color, too)

Well, it was nothing but accurate, Brummett writes.

Some will say that this piece represented an unfair stereotype. They will complain about the national press parachuting in to take us out of context and make fun of us.

That’s baloney. The Post piece was a powerfully relevant case study of Arkansas politics.

Why are we dominated by nominal Democrats locally but decidedly red on national politics? This old boy featured in the Post said he was a Democrat. He said he was pro-choice. He said he liked Democratic policies on farm subsidies better than Republican policies. He wasn’t much for church.

It’s guns, baby, guns. It’s culture, baby, culture. With some, of course, it’s race, baby, race.

This old boy told the Post he voted for Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and John McCain. Here’s betting he voted for Mike Beebe, Marion Berry, Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln.

And get a load of this: The local Democratic chairman wouldn’t say whether he voted for Obama.

Some of us have spent years trying to explain all this. The Post did it in one article. They ought to get a Pulitzer. They probably will, for international reporting, maybe.

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