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Pressly killing suspect pleads innocent



Curtis Vance, the Marianna man accused of fatally beating KATV anchor Anne Pressly, pleaded innocent today in Circuit Court. He told reporters additionally, as he left court, that he didn't do the crime. His family was at the arraignment, shouting words of encouragement afterward. "I love you," said one relative.

Channel 11 says Judge Chris Piazza lifted a gag order in the case, though police investigative files will remain closed to the public, as is customary while a case pends.

Fox 16 has some great video up. I think it's showing on most browsers at the top now. Vance takes a number of questions from reporters, calmly claiming his innocence and saying police have the wrong man. He said the last couple of months have been "hell."

Asked his reaction to seeing Pressly's parents in court:

"They need to find the real person."  And later, "I'm sorry for their loss, but I didn't do it." He said police had illegally obtained DNA evidence from him.

UPDATE: Fox 16 asked for the jail records sealed by an earlier district court order, now lifted.


Upon release of the gag order, FOX 16 News obtained a copy of Vance’s jail intake records from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department under a Freedom of Information Act request.  It includes a list of all visitors Vance would accept at the jail, along with an order from LRPD to take Vance out of the jail on December 10 for four hours for further questioning downtown.  According to jail records, it is the only time Vance had been out of jail since his arrest until his court hearing Thursday.

Vance intake records also indicate he bears a tattoo that reads, “only God can judge me.”

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