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No this is not meant to be another rumination on the fixation of a handful of Lost Cause dead-enders, including the local daily, with a minor Civil War figure hanged for spying. (But, now that I mention it, TWO, count 'em, photos plus a lengthy story marked the David O. Dodd deification today in the DOG. This after a lengthy advance story in the news section earlier in the week and a giant photo and further advance in the feature section. Eat your heart out, Honest Abe. We hardly knew ye.)

No, it's about the need to remember, investigate and act on the epic catalogue of abuse of power and money wasted by the Bush Administration. Frank Rich takes readers through some of it today.

The tentative and amorphous $800 billion stimulus proposed by Obama last week sounds like a lot, but it’s a drop in the bucket when set against the damage it must help counteract: more than $10 trillion in new debt and new obligations piled up by the Bush administration in eight years, as calculated by the economists Linda J. Bilmes and Joseph E. Stiglitz in the current Harper’s Magazine.

If Bernie Madoff, at least, can still revive what remains of our deadened capacity for outrage, so can those who pulled off Washington’s Ponzi schemes. The more we learn about where all the bodies and billions were buried on our path to ruin, the easier it may be for our new president to make the case for a bold, whatever-it-takes New Deal.

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