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A giant's passing


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I regret I couldn't make it to Margaret Kolb's funeral today. But several who did have reported on Pulaski Heights Baptist Pastor Randy Hyde's tribute to the tiny woman with the outsized record of good deeds, including brave work with the Women's Emergency Committee in the late 1950s. Randy embroidered on the "giant" metaphor used on the blog last week in my absence by Leslie Peacock, another neighbor and admirer of Mrs. Kolb.

An attendee passed along one of Hyde's anecdotes about the little woman with the big car plastered with righteous bumper stickers. She was a senior at Furman, a Baptist college, in about 1941, and caused a commotion by calling for the school to admit black students. She was called out in a critical editorial in the school newspaper, which labeled her with a term it must have considered a mortal insult -- "liberal." Today's audience, which harbored a few of that dastardly ilk, got a good laugh out of that. I'm sure she wore the label proudly.


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