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We know you'll want to respond to Jerry Cox's call for contributions to the Family Council's legal defense fund to preserve Act 1.

Cox really does have a knack for irony. A few days ago, the leader of the group that made adoption more difficult in Arkansas decried the difficulty of adoption in Arkansas.  Now he's sneering about a New York law firm working in the lawsuit over Act 1's patent unconstitutionality. In the same breath, he speaks of getting assistance from an Arizona group and perhaps hiring other outside experts. Do as I say .... etc.

Help Us Defend Arkansas Act One 
Dear Friends,

The ACLU is trying to destroy the Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care Act. Ignoring the will of the people of Arkansas, they’ve filed a lawsuit to declare Act One unconstitutional. They spent over $300,000 in their failed attempt to defeat it at the polls, and now they’re trying to get the courts to strike it down.

Backed by a New York law firm, they filed suit in Pulaski County Circuit Court. In addition, they have asked Judge Chris Piazza to issue an injunction barring enforcement of Act One, pending the outcome of the suit.

We plan to petition the court to allow us to intervene in the case. This will allow us to bring in our own legal defense team, including the possibility of out-of-state legal experts who are on our side. If we are allowed to intervene, we will be working along side the Attorney General in defending Act One.

I want you to know that we’re not going to stand by and let the ACLU have their way. We’ve consulted with lawyers at the Alliance Defense Fund in Arizona and with local lawyers as well. They all believe we have an excellent chance of defeating the ACLU.

Going to court against the ACLU costs money. This is why your support is so important. Your gifts will help us defend Act One, and defeat the ACLU. We’re not going to allow the ACLU and other pro-gay organizations to use Arkansas’ adoptive or foster children for their political agenda.

Click here or go to https://www.familycouncilactioncommittee.com/donate.asp to donate now.

Thank you for standing with us. We appreciate your prayers and financial support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jerry Cox 

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