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A giant dies



Margaret Kolb, one of the brave members of the Women's Emergency Committee to reopen Little Rock's schools in 1958, died last night at the age of 81 89. Much of the business of the WEC was run out of Kolb's home in Hillcrest; she operated the telephone tree that kept members informed of WEC actions and was under surveillance at the time by pro-Faubus forces. In an interview in the Arkansas Times in September 2007, 50 years after the integration of Central High, Kolb described the WEC women as “church women who had a strong sense of right and wrong and a strong sense of responsibility for equal rights, you know.”

“We were building a future for what we considered New Testament thinking,” she said. “Although it was never mentioned and never taught as such, it was obvious to me that's what we were doing. It was challenging of young people to be disciples that followed Jesus' example.”

Ruebel Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

UPDATE: Funeral will be at 1 p.m. Friday at Pulaski Heights Baptist Church.

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