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Death Star: Bulldoze Ray Winder



Bulldoze Ray Winder and the Little Rock Zoo and turn the land into a "high-tech" corridor that includes a joined UCA-? D.S. Bob Johnson makes that suggestion in Q and A with Roby Brock on his Talk Business website.

Take that whole strip of highway and create a truly high-tech corridor that folds healthcare and the technology that [UALR’s Dr.] Mary Good is doing at the cyber college together, combined with the strengths of central Arkansas’ intellectual property, namely their student body. ... [I]t may be patently unpopular to talk about getting rid of Ray Winder Field, getting rid of the zoo, getting rid of some of what’s there that’s frankly a drain on budgets. ... Look at that zoo over there, we’ve done everything in the world from Friends of the Zoo to dumping legislator money in there to everything in the world and still, it falls short of what I think a zoo ought to be.

PS FROM MAX: This is the kinder, gentler Death Star, toting baggage for UAMS' parking lot needs while obliterating LR's scarce parkland? Thanks, but no thanks. And when he comes carrying gifts for Central Arkansas Water, I'd urge the leaders over there to look inside whatever Trojan Horse he pulls up to THEIR door.

You want a sci-tech corridor? There's plenty of vacant land along that corridor available for the purpose, including a healthy strip along the eastern side of the UAMS campus. What UAMS wants is more handy parking where the ballpark sits.

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