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The so-called liberal media



A bit of wisdom from Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo. Hearty agreement here. The press is hidebound -- status quo oriented; slow and resistant to changing times and ideas; comfortable to move in a pack. It's counterintuitive and the conservatives will howl, but:

Like many others, I've been saying this for years. So I'm surprised to be surprised. But the journalistic establishment in Washington, whether it's the Post or the Politico or much of the rest of the journalistic apparatus in the city, is essentially Republican in character -- not necessarily in terms of individual voting habits, though you'd be surprised, but in fundamental outlook about whose opinions matter and how government functions, which is what really counts. And you can see that resurfacing with increasing clarity just in that last week.

Example: News in Washington Post today is that some Republicans think Obama team is too liberal. This isn't news, this is an echo chamber.

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