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Climate conspiracy



David Sanders calls attention to his column today. Happy New Year, David. 

He has discovered that dangerous left-wing wackjobs -- the sort of zanies who believe in clean air, in other words -- have financed efforts leading to climate study commission work in Arkansas and other states. Crazies like the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Jane Fonda's ex-husband and !The A-C-L-U!. (Good company, I say.)

Next thing you know, this special interest lobby will try to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Arkansas. And no telling what else.

Shadowy special interest groups are OK when they beat up on unions, fight consumption taxes on cancer sticks and punish sexual minorities. But when the cause is clean air, the conspiracy kaw-ooga horn must be sounded.

You have been warned. Environmental activists want state and federal governments to protect our air.

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