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The ACLU filed its lawsuit today challenging the constitutionality of Act 1, the homophoboic state law that goes into effect Jan. 1 to require would-be foster and adoptive couples to be married. Director Rita Sklar enumerated the ways in which the laws will hurt children:

"It takes away parents' right to decide for themselves who will adopt their children if they die, it denies the many children in Arkansas state care a chance at the largest possible pool of potential foster and adoptive homes, and denies couples who are living together but unmarried the chance to provide loving homes to children who desperately need them."

Plaintiffs include couples both homosexual and heterosexual, including Kaytee Wright, the partner of Times publisher Alan Leveritt. The law would prohibit one of the plaintiffs from fostering or adopting her own grandchild because she lives with a woman.

Plaintiff profiles here.

The ACLU announcement is here:

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A PDF of the lawsuit is here. Named as plaintiffs are state Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, the state Department of Human Services and its director John Selig, the Child Welfare Agency Review Board and the board's chair James W. Balcom.

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