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Is this a long-standing fashion trend that I just missed, or is it a whole new thing:

Coming back from New York recently, we flew right over LR and landed at Bush Airport in Houston to switch planes and come back north to LR. In the waiting area of the Continental terminal were a mother and 10-year-old daughter waiting to catch the same plane to Arkansas. Both were dressed in cotton pajamas and flip-flops. Between them they spent close to $100 on pre-fab pizzas, nachos, popcorn, CinnaBons, etc. They seemed blissfully unaware of the fashion statement they were making.

Saturday at the Kroger out on Chenal Parkway we spotted a guy dressed in flannel pajamas and house shoes. He wasn't just dropping in to pick up a jar of martini olives, either; he was loading up a basket with what looked like a week's worth of groceries.

Is this pajama thing something Martha Stewart or Oprah started when I wasn't looking?

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