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Huck: No Senate run in 2010



He pretty well sounded categorical at his talk at Clinton School today.

Gerard Matthews reports that The Huckster had a full house of 200 or so for the talk and a long-line of bookbuyers seeking his signature.

The former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate said he liked the Q and A sessions at book signings much better than at campaign stops, where the formula was Question and Avoid.  But that’s what he did when asked by one Clinton School student why his support for Initiated Act One was “doing the right thing” when so many children went uncared for. 

Huckabee argued  that it comes down to how we define marriage -- though the act had nothing to do with defining marriage, only defining out some people as parents. 

If we expanded the legal definition of marriage to include couples of the same sex, Huckabee said, however, we would have to do so to allow for polygamy and other lifestyles as well. (This sounds suspiciously like the Rick Warren equation of gay couples with pederasts and the incestuous. Wonder if interracial lifestyles are equally unacceptable?) He also claimed his position on marriage was the same as that of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, although each would probably take exception. None has supported outlawing civil unions, as opposed to marriage, which Huckabee did in supporting Arkansas's constitutional amendment on marriage.

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