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Looking for the union label



I know that some obnoxious business owners (the most obnoxious invariably are Lucky Sperm Club members, not self-made execs) and Karl Rove court jester Tim Griffin have excited the media about whether insufficient union hatred could get U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln beaten in 2010.

Pro-union as I am, I don't think this issue has much resonance in Arkansas in either direction.

Why? Lincoln has slavishly honored big business on bread and butter issues. The two retailing giants in the state view Lincoln as a go-to girl. She sold consumers down the river on bankruptcy legislation, doing the bankers' bidding. There is no bigger proponent, as I've ranted, of making rich folks richer through abolition of the estate tax. She LOVES farm handouts.

Waffling on a piece of pro-union legislation in a Right to Work state with a negligible and declining number of union members is going to be the defining issue in the U.S. Senate race? I don't see it. But the noise stirred up by Repubs and others certainly adds pressure on Lincoln on any coming  card check votes. Which is the real point of the exercise, I think.

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