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Obama inaugural party in LR


The state Martin Luther King Commission, which has filled four buses with people to go to Washington for the Obama inaugural, announces a local inaugural ball for those who can't make the trip.

 (Little Rock)—The Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission offers a unique plan for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, but it won’t be in Washington, D.C., according to AMLKC officials.

“Actually, we’ve been working on two projects regarding the Inauguration,” explains the commission’s Executive Director, DuShun Scarbrough, “and we’ve brought them both to fruition, in time for all who wish to experience the Inauguration’s spirit to make appropriate plans.”

While the largest endeavor has been a bus tour that has now completely filled four tour buses, the accompanying plan, according to Scarbrough, is to present a Little Rock version of some of Washington’s famous inaugural balls.

Scarbrough adds that response to the Commission’s bus tour has been phenomenal, and though the deadline for securing seats on the tour has passed, he says, “So many want to go, but for a number of reasons are not able to take the trip; yet, they wish to be a part in some way.  That’s why we’re putting on this Ball.  It’ll be fun, but more importantly, we feel this will have a unifying effect, in that it will bring together people of all diversities and multicultures as we welcome our new president.  All will see the dream of Dr. King actually unfolding in history.”

The event, named the 2009 Arkansas Presidential Inaugural Ball, is presented jointly by the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, Team Summit, and Stand Foundation.  It will be held at the Clear Channel Metroplex on Colonel Glenn Road in Little Rock and begins at 7:00 PM on January 20, 2009.  There will be food, fun and entertainment for all.  Attire will be semi-formal.

Dewayne Graham, AMLKC spokesman, says further information about the Presidential Ball can be obtained by calling the Commission at (501) 683-1300 or toll-free at 1-888-290-KING.  Calls may be made to the Metroplex at (501) 804-3212, as well.

“It’s open to all, and while many Arkansans will be on the tour, we may see their happy, smiling faces back here at home through remote operations now being set up and to soon be announced,” Graham adds. “We have formulated some interesting techniques for those who cannot be on the tour, to still see what’s happening along the way. Someone just might wave and say, ‘wish you were here.’  And we will be, actually, because of the ideas we’re putting in place as we get closer to the event.  It’ll be a marvel to see how modern technology brings everybody together for this historical night.”

It may be a cold day in Washington, D.C., and weather could be similar in Arkansas.  Regardless, the AMLKC promises that two events of historical nature will warm the hearts and spirits of all who participate.  If Arkansans missed the deadline for the commission’s bus tour, the back-up plan is to visit the Clear Channel Metroplex on Inauguration Night, 2009.


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