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Good commentary, following Obama's defense of his inaugural preacher, wrapped around his own reiteration of his belief in equal treatment of gay people and abortion rights.

Why is it, to demonstrate bipartisanship and unity of purpose, that only right-wingers must be showcased? Writes Greg Sargent:

Obama is not so much using the left as a foil here as he is using division and polarization in general as his foil. The question that just won't go away, however, is why campaigning against division and polarization by picking an equally radical choice on the left to give the invocation would be politically unthinkable.

Such a decision would be met not just with screams from the right, but outrage from middle-of-the-road pols and pundits all over the country. But the pick of Warren is only generating outrage from the left, so it doesn't matter, and indeed, it's good for Obama politically, we're told.

Atrios also puts it bluntly.

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