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I just took a nice brisk walk through the quiet streets and encountered virtually no ice. I hope that holds through the morning.

Meanwhile, over to you.

Can I brag about the Fayetteville Trucker's overnight scoop on Steve Clark's new job as head of Fayetteville chamber? I guess I just did. I understand the MSM started catching up this afternon. The Iconoclast approves and that's good enough for me.

Elsewhere on what was a semi-snow day we dogged NLR on its TIF skulduggery, posted a final barbecue fest at the old Sims in our video window (see below), got out another edition of the state's largest weekly newspaper, soon to be posted on the web, and gave you a little inside dope on federal judicial and attorney appointments. And you didn't even have to open your door to pick up a paper off the stoop to get it. (Had the ice been bad enough to interrupt power, it would have been another matter, of course.)

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