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Re Blanche: An opponent?



Speaking of Blanche Lincoln: I was reminded by a reader that I'd been deficient, despite his long ago tip, in getting out ahead of other gossips with the news that outgoing Farm Bureau president Stanley Reed has a yen for elective office and U.S. Senate is on the Republican's radar. The presumption is that the Marianna lawyer and farmer and former UA Board member could cut into Lincoln's strong farm base. His extreme religious conservatism is another matter. His advocacy of protecting animal torturers in recent years doesn't serve him well, either.

An anecdote of some worth: I was telling somebody about the Reed rumor last week. Reed's organizational ties and money and big role in the establishment firmament give him some instant heft as a candidate. But the person I told, a long-time observer of Arkansas politics, responded, "Who's Stanley Reed?"

Name recognition is useful.

Oh, and if we're rumor mongering: Maybe this is being floated so Lincoln will get behind another supposed yen of Reed's -- to succeed Alan Sugg as president of UA.

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