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Stewart v. Huck on gay marriage



Interesting. Jon Stewart gave Mike Huckabee most of the Daily Show last night, ostensibly to discuss his book. He worked him over on conflicting messages about government (in other words, Huck tells audiences what he thinks they want to hear on government.) But the centerpiece was a long discussion on gay marriage. Huckabee sounded moderate in his immoderation on the issue. Stewart calmly resisted stoutly. I suspect your view of the outcome depends on your view on the issue. Stewart particlarly criticized Huck's notion that homosexuality is a choice. Religion is more of a choice than sexual orientation, Stewart said.

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Funny Election Video This is getting a lot of attention on the web. Think Progress, for example. Good post on Daily Kos about the Biblical view of traditional marriage. Bride must be virgin. Marriage is for life, no divorces. Concubines OK. Multiple wives OK. Incest OK in certain circumstances.

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