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Let's play powerball



Lottery, perhaps the most interesting issue of the coming legislative sessions, gets attention from Stephens Media today. Lottery advocate Bill Halter, who had more acceptance from voters than he did from legislators in 2007 for the idea, talks about how he'd like to see it implemented. (Generally reasonably ideas, I'd add.)

For analysis, there's John Brummett, who says House and Senate speakers are more in agreement than I feared about governing structure. (Sen. Terry Smith of Hot Springs, whose ties to Oaklawn make me suspicious, sent me a characteristically salty note about my suspicions yesterday. He insists his outlook is much like that of House Speaker Robbie Wills, leading lottery implementation at that end of the Capitol.) Brummett notes likely arguments about grade-point rules for eligibility and retention of the scholarships and about money for non-traditional students, those adults who return to college. Here's for the non-trad students. They deserve it and their record generally merits it. See UALR. And two-year-college students deserve scholarships, too.

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