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Pressly suspect sighting



Fox 16 has interviewed the Heights housekeeper who's sure she saw Anne Pressly's accused killer in her neighborhood three days before she was fatally beaten.

The woman, who doesn't want us to use her name or face, is convinced she saw and talked to Curtis Vance just a block from Pressly's home.  As she worked inside a home on Beechwood in the Heights, the doorbell rang...

"And I asked him if I could help him and he turned around and mentioned the gutters, if they needed to be cleaned and I told him she already had someone," the woman says.

She didn't give the encounter much thought until her son-in-law called last week and told her an arrest was made in Pressly's murder.

"I saw the picture on the television and I go 'oh no.'  And he says, 'what?’  I said that's the guy that was at the house where I was at on Friday the 17th,” she recalls.  “I remember the car and the big spoke rims.  He said ‘really?’  And I said ‘yes.’

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